Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 65--Birthday Week!!

Hello, Everyone!

I don't have too much time left but I'll just tell y'all a little bit about my week.

We had P-day on Tuesday which is so strange! I woke up thinking it was Sunday on Wednesday. Craziness. 

So I turned 21. We drove like 3.5 hours to Green Bay and spent the night with the STL's. We slept on the floor and had a giggle fest, as any good sisters would do. My birthday was awesome! Sister Kelley and I both have the same birthday. We got breakfast at McDonald's before driving to Manitowoc (an hour drive). Zone conference was the best it's ever been. We talked lots about the importance of teh sacrament, how it's amazing, the only ordinance we repeat for ourselves and we can obtain a remission of our sins at any time, not just the sacrament. Even as we are out doing missionary work! It heals and revitalizes us and helps us grow in sanctification and spirituality. I was seriously super excited for church (which I am anyway, but especially after that training!). We also had trainings on the sabbath day, how important it is in establishing "multigenerational" families in this wonderful Gospel, and how we can set goals right now for how we will honor the sabbath day in our future families. THe spirit was so strong!!! I loved it. They sang Happy Birthday to us. We ended up having to stay in Green Bay another night becasue some of the other sisters had some "emergency appointments." So it was another night on the floor but this time the Green Bay sisters were on exchanges so we got to have a sleepover with Sister Kealer! So much fun. :)

I got a ridiculous amount of food from the family so that was great. And clothing. 

Now to the best part of the week: Gray was at church!!!!!!!!!!! I know. THAT was super amazing. Let's see. That was essentially the highlights. 

Hope you all have a great week!


SIster Woods

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