Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 69--Hello!

Hello, Everyone!

I don't have too much time today but we had an amazing week!

Our investigator, Lun Cheng, is doing so well! He went to all 3 hours of church this week and has such a sincere desire to find the answers to his questions! I've never had an investigator who is so careful, deep thinking and studious about his investigation. He is awesome! We had an epic lesson about why it's worth it to believe in God and how God wants all of us to enjoy the happiness He does and reach our potential. We think he's afraid of being disappointed and afraid of the trials that will come his way. I compared life to a parabola and that seemed to click well with him. Then we had the ward mission leader and his wife teach with us, which was great! He has so many questions. It's awesome. This guy is going places! Pray for him if you feel so inclined!

On a lighter note I learned an important lesson this week. Dishwasher soap is fundamentally different from dishwasher detergent! We had a bubble fest on our kitchen floor which was hilarious. #specialsistermoment

Oh, and a less-active lady teaches all the sisters to knit. I am really enjoying it!! I actually inherited a giant tangly mass of yarn from the sisters before me and this one lady we visited was obsessed with untying it for me. So we talked about Jesus while she undid the entire thing and rolled it into a ball. It was quite the undertaking.

We have also been asked to start singing for people at each of our sit-down lessons! Hilarious, I know. I think the Elders were very concerned.

I had an awesome exchange with a temple square sister from Austrailia!!! It was awesome. I of course asked her all about the kangaroos and what she thinks of Outback Steakhouse. We stayed up really late giggling and the best part was that we were trying to come up with all the stereotypical Austrailian names and it took us 15 minutes to mention Sheila. xD We even acquired a triple referral! Oh and the members took us to Red Robin. Yay!

Contrary to my request, my dad sent 8 boxes of candy this week! And juice and water which were requested. It was hilarious. OH DEAR! And of course this all happened when I was on exchanges. xD  I shared with the elders and they were super excited about it. One of them put the entire box of sour patch kids in his backpack yesterday and I'm pretty sure they are gone now.

It was pouring rain yesterday! I am the designated umbrella holder because as one  really sweet lady in the ward says, I'm a tree. And my dear companion's head comes below my shoulder. :P But she is fast! It was funny to see her sprinting through the rain with the meal calendar clipboard over her head on the way to ward council. xD She is pretty hilarious.

Well, I had better go! Love you all and have a great week!


Sister Woods

P.S. President just called us and we are nervited! Something big might be happening!

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