Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 68--Mad Town, Wisconsin

Hello, Everyone!!!

So here I am in Madison!! Like I may or may not have mentioned last week, it's a bus area! The buses here are crazy. We have been stranded a few times because if you miss it then... that's it for you! But the members are super nice and offer to rescue us and drive us home. We had a cute member rescue us this week. Her name is Sister Vigil and she is from Hong Kong. It was so great to talk about CHina with her. She also served her mission there.

Madison is huge! There are so many people, everywhere, all the time! Lots of opportunities for me to do street contacting, haha! It's a big adjustment for me. THere's lots of diversity, too. Lots of Asians. Not everyone is pasty white like in the other areas I've served! We even have a large Spanish speaking population. Half the sacrament prayers and the programs are in Spanish!

So we get to go to church in a castle. Seriously! It's a super old building, like with trap doors and hidden basements and such. And there were weeds everywhere so we got to help out with that.

AND our apartment is pretty nice. We had a dishwasher AND a workout room! We have amazing investigators, lots who are on the verge of being ready for baptism. Hopefully they will get there! We also have an incredible ward mission leader. He was actually just called to be Pres. Cutler's counselor for the mission presidency. It was seriously the most loving and in-depth correlation I've ever had! He totally just volunteered to fellowship and teach our investigators with us. Speaking of which, my favorite so far is this adorable little Asian guy, Lun Cheng from Taiwan. He says he is 30% Christian,  he's so tiny, 30 years old and has tons of questions for us. He reads the BOM lots and he's so funny! We've gotta get him going to sacrament meeting and third hour, though. He loves Gospel Principles the most. We've also got lots of other people who are on the edge of glory, so to speak (much like Lady Gaga) and just need to commit themselves to baptism. They all read the BOM and go to church every week anyway so I don't see what the big deal is.

The biggest lesson I've learned this week is NOT to talk to everyone on the bus. Seriously. Girls only from now on! So there I was just trying to talk about Jesus with this guy on the bus and he's asking me lots of questions about Joseph Smith and why I'm a missionary and such. It was weird. THEN he puts his hand on my shoulder and says "Why are you doing this? YOu are too beautiful and attractive to be all churchy.  Just be yourself!" AAAHHHHH It was so creepy and scary, I died! Luckily my companion, SIster Weaver, rushed to my rescue! hahahah. I had to pretty much burn the shirt I was wearing. Haha!!!

Sister Weaver is cool by the way. She is from Salem Oregon, is almost 25 and is pretty hilarious. I like her.

I've been taking naps and sleeping like crazy. So has my comp. I guess we are both old-timers. She only has 1 transfer left. It was pretty great. I'm still exhausted all the time. But it was funny, yesterday as we returned home for lunch I said "I'm so tired I can't do anything else... but I have just enough energy to eat ice cream." Bahaha.

Anyway, the church is true.


SIster Lacey Woods

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