Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 64--Miracles!!

Hello, everyone!!!

I know I took a week off, but I'm still alive! :)

I don't have too much time today but I have some stories to report. 

The first one is pretty great. So there we were, driving in the truck with Sarah Briggs. We drive past the Farmer Q market and outside is a man wearing an apple suit holding an asparagus sign. Sarah says:" You should go talk to him, he can't run away from you!!" Well, the spirit confirmed so I flipped that truck right around and we marched right up to him. Hey, I've learned that you just have to try those wild ideas out on a mission, cuz that's how miracles happen. :) So it turns out he can't talk to us, or see us. But we try to make a conversation with him. Haha! SIster Payne was like: " So, are those asparagus locally grown??" xD All he does is point toward the market so we hold onto our Jesus card for the moment. We walk inside and the lady starts talking to us. Apparently she knows all about missionaries and even knows the RS president. So we give HER the Jesus card and she gives us fancy Artesian water. Haha, a new potential investigator! Pretty random. :)

I was playing with the king snake at the children's museum and he got a little too cuddly. He wouldn't let go of my neck! xD I think I will call him "Snuggles."

We also tracted into this hilarious girl. She must be like 12 years old or something but the best part was that she is a referral landmine! She pulls out her phone and starts giving us the contact info for her mom, dad, and anyone else we want and there we are scrambling, trying to write it all down. Bahaha! xD

We also found a lady who seems genuinly interested and friendly and a cute old lady, who I named Mouthy Myrtle, who talked to us about all the miracles she's seen in her entire life for a half hour. That's always fun! xD We mixed up our tracting approach so that clearly helped produce miracles.

Memorial day was interesting. Most people said "Go away!" but then we found a cool guy named John who said we can come back, he's neighbors with a member family, and has lots of questions for us. He wants to learn more! 

Jack's friend across the street wants us to come over and teach her the Gospel, and Jack's friend Corrina should be going to church next week. Excitement. 

I played the cello on Sunday (I was anticipating lots of investigators at church) and Sister Payne gave a powerhouse talk. 

We also had finnish cheese at the Syria's. Everyone wants me to bring my cello when we have member lessons, apparently. :P Guess I'll need to.

THEN the miracle. So there we were at church and this lady says "Do you want to teach the first discussion after church today?" I was shocked and pretty sure my jaw dropped. "YES!!!" (are you kidding me, of COURSE!!) So we got to teach her granddaughter, Izzy, who is 15. She's been to church lots (she was baptized Catholic and raised Methodist) but never baptized. We taught her and she's like "that makes sense." She wants to be baptized so we set a date for her! Yay!!! 

I'm turning 21 in 2 days and I'm pretty sure it will be the least scandalous 21st birthday ever. I get to go to zone conference! :)

Love you all! Have an amazing week.


SIster Woods

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 62--Mother's Day Week

Hello Everyone,

Since I just talked to my family yesterday I won't be reporting in too much detail today. Especially because I don't have too much time!!!

I did just want to mention a few highlights.

I just got the best new companion ever, Sister Payne!!! She is from Montana, is a powerhouse missionary, and we have so much in common it is ridiculous. Oh and did I mention we are Sister sisters? 'Tis true. :) We both had the same beyond- amazing trainer, Sister Pearson! She is learning to play the cello and I have to say she is the best beginner I've ever seen! She can rock that "Twinkle" AND a 2 octave C Major scale. :) But that's just a side note. I love her!!!! :) 

Next, I did some gardening for like the first time in my life!!! It was intense, too. We pulled up all kinds of weeds in this sweet lady's backyard. Apparently the landscapers she hired to look after it cheated her and didn't do anything and now the whole place is overrun with weeds and such! She is such a cute lady and it was honestly so much fun to help her. We are going back on Wednesday, actually. :D Oh dear, perhaps I'm my mother's daughter?? :) For those of you who may not know, my Mom is the "Lowe's Mom." She is insanely obsessed (in the best possible way :)) with gardening and hauling rocks and such. I can attempt, in my physically weak state, to be as awesome as she is but will never succeed, haha. #loveyoumom

I had to opportunity to play the cello with some interesting people this week. The first one is Brother Syria, who plays the guitar. He had me bring my cello over for some "jamming." He is super awesome and writes songs for commercials! I will definitely be going back to play with him again! 

I also played the cello with Gray's boyfriend, Roscoe, who plays the trombone. He is really good! He even taught me how to play jazz a little bit. It was way fun! It was kind of hilarious because he wanted me to just start playing and he'd improvise something, so what do I play? "I Know that My Redeemer Lives!" xD Bahaha. I'm a missionary, what do you expect? He had no idea what I played. :)

It's also been a fun adventure at the Children's Museum. SIster Payne loves the turtles, but not the snakes!!! Our job is normally to take the animals around to show all the kids. :) Haha it's all good because I can hold the snakes for her.

It's raining up a storm out there.

Our investigators are doing great. Gray is learning to pray (ha, it rhymes!) and we are teaching Jack's friend, Korina. Sweet! Hope to find some more 'gators this week. Which shouldn't be too hard since it's raining so much, ha! :P #lamejoke. 

I'm LOVING life right now. The Church is true, the book is blue and all that jazz. :) I've got the best job in the world. #soblesseditsnotevenfunny #noonewearsskirtslikewedo. 

Hope you all have a great week and that wherever you are, it's not super rainy!!!! Haha, I dried my clothes then had to walk outside in the pouring rain, so I guess I didn't need to dry them. #whatsthepoint :P


Sister Lacey Woods 

P.S. did anyone catch my hail joke last week? I think that was one of my better ones. :) #preachallhailtojesusname. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week 61--Another Week

Hello, Everyone!!!

So this week we actually had some lovely Spring weather. It was 70 degrees outside! Amazing. It was a great opportunity to approach strangers outside, everyone we see, and talk about the gospel! Haha. 

Transfers are happening on Wednesday so that means I'm getting a new companion, Sister Payne!!!! I am beyond excited. We both had the same trainer! This would make us Sister sisters. I've met her before and she seems really awesome. Plus she likes to giggle and who knows... she may even enjoy my lame jokes, haha! :P 

Some highlights from the week.

We wore our skirts to the landfill, since we got lost last week. I've never been to a landfill. And never in a skirt! So we get there and we need to use the restroom. Normally, the sign says we'd have to use the stinky outhouses but the lady is like "you are girls... in skirts, dressed all fancy-like! I will let you use the one inside." Yay.

I got to defrost a freezer using a hair dryer. Never done that before. Nope!

I requested 1 or 2 bags of sour candy from my Dad and guess how many he sent? Nope, not one or two... but 66!!!!!!!!! Oh man. It was hilarious. (see the picture). I've been using numerous opportunities to pass them out at Institute and other locations! #foreverfat #myfavoritehashtag #scandalous

I also found out a funny bit of information. Apparently, there was a study done and the U.P. is the furthest away from a temple out of the entire continental U.S.!!!! I found that hilarious. Also, because the lady said it looks like there is a ward in Marquette, but the most noteworthy city is Munising (it's SMALLER than Marquette!) and it doesn't look like anyone lives up there, anyway. xD Haha!

On another note, Gray is doing really well!!! She told us she didn't really read much in the Book of Mormon... just to 1 Nephi 10!!! She's really awesome, and told us she loves meeting with us!!! I''m excited about her.

I'm also excited for Sister Payne to come up to Marquette! It will be a great transfer.

Love you all, hope you are all feeling snazzy.