Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week 61--Another Week

Hello, Everyone!!!

So this week we actually had some lovely Spring weather. It was 70 degrees outside! Amazing. It was a great opportunity to approach strangers outside, everyone we see, and talk about the gospel! Haha. 

Transfers are happening on Wednesday so that means I'm getting a new companion, Sister Payne!!!! I am beyond excited. We both had the same trainer! This would make us Sister sisters. I've met her before and she seems really awesome. Plus she likes to giggle and who knows... she may even enjoy my lame jokes, haha! :P 

Some highlights from the week.

We wore our skirts to the landfill, since we got lost last week. I've never been to a landfill. And never in a skirt! So we get there and we need to use the restroom. Normally, the sign says we'd have to use the stinky outhouses but the lady is like "you are girls... in skirts, dressed all fancy-like! I will let you use the one inside." Yay.

I got to defrost a freezer using a hair dryer. Never done that before. Nope!

I requested 1 or 2 bags of sour candy from my Dad and guess how many he sent? Nope, not one or two... but 66!!!!!!!!! Oh man. It was hilarious. (see the picture). I've been using numerous opportunities to pass them out at Institute and other locations! #foreverfat #myfavoritehashtag #scandalous

I also found out a funny bit of information. Apparently, there was a study done and the U.P. is the furthest away from a temple out of the entire continental U.S.!!!! I found that hilarious. Also, because the lady said it looks like there is a ward in Marquette, but the most noteworthy city is Munising (it's SMALLER than Marquette!) and it doesn't look like anyone lives up there, anyway. xD Haha!

On another note, Gray is doing really well!!! She told us she didn't really read much in the Book of Mormon... just to 1 Nephi 10!!! She's really awesome, and told us she loves meeting with us!!! I''m excited about her.

I'm also excited for Sister Payne to come up to Marquette! It will be a great transfer.

Love you all, hope you are all feeling snazzy.



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