Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 62--Mother's Day Week

Hello Everyone,

Since I just talked to my family yesterday I won't be reporting in too much detail today. Especially because I don't have too much time!!!

I did just want to mention a few highlights.

I just got the best new companion ever, Sister Payne!!! She is from Montana, is a powerhouse missionary, and we have so much in common it is ridiculous. Oh and did I mention we are Sister sisters? 'Tis true. :) We both had the same beyond- amazing trainer, Sister Pearson! She is learning to play the cello and I have to say she is the best beginner I've ever seen! She can rock that "Twinkle" AND a 2 octave C Major scale. :) But that's just a side note. I love her!!!! :) 

Next, I did some gardening for like the first time in my life!!! It was intense, too. We pulled up all kinds of weeds in this sweet lady's backyard. Apparently the landscapers she hired to look after it cheated her and didn't do anything and now the whole place is overrun with weeds and such! She is such a cute lady and it was honestly so much fun to help her. We are going back on Wednesday, actually. :D Oh dear, perhaps I'm my mother's daughter?? :) For those of you who may not know, my Mom is the "Lowe's Mom." She is insanely obsessed (in the best possible way :)) with gardening and hauling rocks and such. I can attempt, in my physically weak state, to be as awesome as she is but will never succeed, haha. #loveyoumom

I had to opportunity to play the cello with some interesting people this week. The first one is Brother Syria, who plays the guitar. He had me bring my cello over for some "jamming." He is super awesome and writes songs for commercials! I will definitely be going back to play with him again! 

I also played the cello with Gray's boyfriend, Roscoe, who plays the trombone. He is really good! He even taught me how to play jazz a little bit. It was way fun! It was kind of hilarious because he wanted me to just start playing and he'd improvise something, so what do I play? "I Know that My Redeemer Lives!" xD Bahaha. I'm a missionary, what do you expect? He had no idea what I played. :)

It's also been a fun adventure at the Children's Museum. SIster Payne loves the turtles, but not the snakes!!! Our job is normally to take the animals around to show all the kids. :) Haha it's all good because I can hold the snakes for her.

It's raining up a storm out there.

Our investigators are doing great. Gray is learning to pray (ha, it rhymes!) and we are teaching Jack's friend, Korina. Sweet! Hope to find some more 'gators this week. Which shouldn't be too hard since it's raining so much, ha! :P #lamejoke. 

I'm LOVING life right now. The Church is true, the book is blue and all that jazz. :) I've got the best job in the world. #soblesseditsnotevenfunny #noonewearsskirtslikewedo. 

Hope you all have a great week and that wherever you are, it's not super rainy!!!! Haha, I dried my clothes then had to walk outside in the pouring rain, so I guess I didn't need to dry them. #whatsthepoint :P


Sister Lacey Woods 

P.S. did anyone catch my hail joke last week? I think that was one of my better ones. :) #preachallhailtojesusname. 

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