Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hello, Everyone!!!! 

So this week was filled with excitement. A few highlights.

Last p-day we went over to Gray's house for a lesson and her roommates found a bunch of baby bunnies!!!! they were so tiny, fluffly and cute!!! I will send pictures. Promise. ;) The hilarious part was they hopped right over to Sister Payne and fell asleep on her! She is the bunny whisperer. Haha, she also whispered to the fish apparently becasue we were cleaning the fish tank at the Beacon House again and the filter broke and she magically fixed it. 

Also, a quick funny story. I was describing this hilarious less-active lady we go visit. She has wild puffy hair and while she won't let us in her house, she will make us laugh on her doorstep. As I was telling the story, Emily asks us if she's black, to which I respond: "A little bit. :)" "WHAT??!! What, is she milk chocolate??!" Bahahaha. 

We also went bowling in skirts (I know. there will be pictures, I promise! :)). I almost won. 

We had a showing of Meet the Mormons at the church and 3 investigators were there!!!! So great. Two of them were really touched by it and the other one got to socialize lots with the members, which was great. 

We helped a family fold laundry (secretly my favorite chore) and do dishes. They had gotten really behind because they have a young baby and the husband just had shoulder surgery so he can't help the Mom by holding it while she cleans. We were so glad a member ACTUALLY took us up on our offer to help!!! Seriously. Ask the missionaries to help you. Put them to work. Make them feel useful!!! :) 

Anyway, it was fun, and as a reward they took us out to get Mexican food at this oober fancy place I've had my eye on ever since I got to Marquette! It is called Sol Azteca and it was SUPER. DELICIOSO. claro. (that means "true dat" :)). Haha. Actually, I hadn't had chips and salsa in so long we both went wild and ate all the chips and were too full to eat our enchiladas. Haha! So good.

And this week will be extra fun because we are getting our truck fixed. You know what THAT means?? We get to be biking sisters. I am not excited. I can't lie about that. These are boy bikes which means I'm getting high centered in a skirt and will be in a world of pain (although I do normally enjoy bike riding on girl bikes without horrible seats). Sister Payne, on the other hand, is way excited. She loves bike riding, even boy bikes, and it is her goal to be out tracting on bikes in a big rain storm. I am pretty sure she will achieve that goal this week! Oh man. :) Should be fun. 

I also made one of my best puns ever yesterday and no one appreciated it. (Granted, I was making a lot of them, but still, this one was great! :P Come on now!) Kimi Woods, this one's for you. :) Sarah Briggs was telling us how the new Pope is chosen. (sorry if my recounting isn't entirely accurate). Anyway,  They have all the bishops and cardinals meet in the Vatican in this big council from all over the world, discussing, meeting, back-and-forth about who the next Pope should be. So I respond "Hey, It's a big Pope-erree!!!" (Potpourri) xDDD I thought that one was about as good as my orc-estra. 

The zone leaders told me I'm playing the cello at zone training tomorrow. Should be fun I suppose.

Something we are really focusing on as a mission right now is fasting. We are studying it in preparation for interviews coming up. I can absolutely attest to the fact that fasting is amazing. I felt the Spirit so strongly yesterday. I have been ridiculously blessed on my mission to be filled with love for those around me, everyone, even strangers, so strongly, so unconditionally, that I know it can only come from our Heavenly Father. I by no means am anything special. This is I'm sure something lots of missionaries feel. I know the amount of love I had before my mission. It was selective. Only for certain people and it was a little bit, and actually rather conditional. But this is truly an amazing thing the Lord has blessed me with since I've been out here. I love the Lord. I love my Savior. I know for an absolute certainty that our Savior lives, and that His gospel has been restored in its fullness. The things I've felt and experienced have confirmed that to me so powerfully that nothing on this earth can ever convince me otherwise. Even amidst the most challenging, debilitating, lonely and heartbreaking trial of my life, I know the Savior loves me and understands. I have felt that. I rely on His strength every single minute of every day. I have faith that we can do all things through Christ. I hope to gain a more certain and perfect knowledge of that one day. Rather soon, I suspect.   

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Also, something else I've been pondering lately is prayer. Sister Payne and I read an article the other day about how we can make our prayers more spirit-filled and effective. It was by Elder Pearson and he suggested that we take a moment to ponder our relationship with Heavenly Father before we pray, to actually form in our minds what we wish to speak to Him about. I have tried that lately and it has really helped me be more focused! Just thought I'd share. :)


Sister Woods

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