Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 48--Life's Great!!


Well it was another great week!!!!

On Wednesday we had SO MANY. Appointments!!!! Seriously. We had one at 12, then one at 1:30, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 7:00. Oh, and we had members at all but one. Now I know how those Provo missionaries feel! Wiped out exhausted!!! :) It was awesome but seriously, it was a little much and I'm glad we don't days like that every day! Once in a while is JUST fine by me. ;)

Paige got baptized!!!! Ahh it was so great. She told us she felt the Spirit (it felt like the chills) right before she was baptized and it made her tear up! It was so cute, Andy couldn't stop looking at her. :) Her mom was also at the baptism which was a great thing. She is so excited to start anew the rest of her life!!! Ahh I'm so excited for her. And then, though she felt a little nervous being confirmed (received the gift of the Holy Ghost) in front of everyone at church, she received the most beautiful blessing I've ever heard! She said she felt love surround her, coming from every single person in the room. It was truly remarkable! Paige: "I've grabbed hold of the iron rod and I'm NEVER letting go!!!" :D 

Also, I have to say that Satan likes to create opposition before an incredible event such as this. It is so true! (He even cast lots of tears this weekend. This means lots of SNOW!!!) We went tracting for hours and hours in the cold before the baptism, trying to find more people to teach. Absolutely no one wanted to talk to us! It was rough. BUT, try though he might, there is absolutely nothing he could have done to mar the amazingness of that day!!! 

PLUS that same day we found out something very exciting!!!! So there is going to be a mission conference on March 21. Yep, that's right, I'm thinking it's iPads!!!! We know there will be a training of some sort. Ahhhhhhhhhh so excited! Also, a member of the 70 will be there and an Apostle, and a general authority. :) 

I also had the opportunity to take the elders to Olive Garden today, per the request of my Dad. The "starving" elders were very appreciative! It was really fun. #notadate. It was pretty funny actually. They gave us a "kiss" at the restaurant. The totally appropriate chocolate kind, of course! :P #notscandalous

Other than that there aren't really any other happenings to report. We've just been doing lots of tracting, working hard and loving the mission life! :) I feel so happy!!!!! I've never felt more alive, particularly as I've been learning more about the relationship between faith and confidence (they are the same! Look in the Bible dictionary. I've observed that when we have faith in God we are therefore confident in everything else). 

I know that the Savior lives, that His Atonement is real, His church has been restored, and that miracles happen as we increase our faith. 

I love you!!!

Sister Woods

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