Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week 47--The week that fell from Heaven!!


Well, well, well, it's been another amazing week!!! This was one of those weeks where we worked super, super hard, exceeded our goals, and everyone fed us so we didn't have any time to eat lunch at the apartment or take a nap. #tiredsistas!!! Seriously. I keep falling asleep during the church service at Evergreen, where we volunteer. :P 

Paige and Andy gave us a referral for their neighbors, Feron and Tina. It was so strange. Tina was interested but almost never is it the case that the boyfriend is also interested!! They were both excited about the Book of Mormon and wanted to know which bookstore they could purchase one at, haha! Tina has fibromyalgia (which I used to have) really bad, so there's a connection there. They are really neat and we are looking forward to meeting with them again soon. 

We had a funny experience with media referrals! So we had this referral to deliver a Bible to this guy named Loren. It was funny because he has met Sister Peel before (but she of course didn't remember him. We never expect to see these people again!). We asked him why he wanted one and he's joining a motorcyle ministry! I thought that was awesome. :P Well, the elders also had a media referal except this referal called us instead! We had no idea how they got our number. THe elders were SO MAD. They were like: "you're stealing our referrals!"  and we were like: "but he called us! We didn't do it." Bahaha. Silly elders. Well, come to find out, their referral was at the same address as our referral, Loren because they are friends. So we delivered Bibles (and Books of Mormon of course ;)) to both of them. :P 

When President Cutler was in Oshkosh for interviews he also had the opportunity to meet with Paige. It was so great, actually!!! She had a great experience with him and even got a Sister Cutler cookie. For those of you who haven't experienced one of these, it is a divine specimen from heaven! They are the BEST cookies in the world and we each get one at interviews, plus a talk. He was really impressed with her and said it is so great when people like her join the church!!! #goldeninvestigator. She and Andy are on fire! They both said they want to go tracting with us (but Paige won't answer any questions... yet, haha!). I'm so excited for that!!!! I don't ever want to be transferred. Oh and I found out SIster Cutler loves Harry Potter! She was there for interviews as well. :) 

This leads me in to my interview with President Cutler. It was amazing!!!!!! And it's always too short. All I can say is that he kept saying over and over again how much I've changed and transformed since our last interview! That was 2 transfers ago, when I first got to Oshkosh. Let me just tell you, I felt this happy: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. It totally made my week. He said he's super, super pleased with the work I'm doing and that he loves seeing how much my faith has grown. He said it is "the hand of God at work!!!!!" Haha and he asked Sister Peel how she's seen me change and she said: "Well, she says I've toughened her up. And she's softened me up." Haha! He laughed, apparently. XD I love Sister Peel, she's great. It seems surreal to me because I haven't really noticed it too much. Ah well. My mission is going by too quickly!!! I'm 11 months old today!!! The only downside is, I'm pretty sure I'm getting transferred! :( 

Some more great news! Brienne, who is a friend of one of the Wastarts, wants to meet with us!!! She has been meeting with the YSA sisters but she said she feels more comfortable with us (she has met Sister Wilson and me before). It was kind of a dramatic issue but ultimately she will now be meeting with both of us! So excited. :) We got to go over and answer some of her great questions about the Plan of Salvation. She is way fun to teach! 

Oh, and now for the funny story. I can now officially say that I've been punched on my mission. That's right! I'm like one of the Milwaukee sisters now. :P So there I was, at the church. It was after mutual (the weekly activity night for teens in the church) and I was playing around with Ashley Robertson, an 18 year old convert of just over a year. She has been out teaching with us on numerous occasions. Well, someone had brought one of those foamy things that boxers punch and I held it up and put my arm through it, just checking it out. Well, next thing I know Ashley punches it and it flies back and smacks me in the nose. Then blood starts flowing everywhere! It didn't hurt really, it just bleed a whole lot including on my name tag and clothes! It was worse than any nose bleed I've ever seen! Mostly, it was just embarrassing. It was totally an accident, though. Then Paige and Brother Kakuschke walked by and it was extra embarrassing! XD Haha,there is an embarrassing moment with each companion!!! 

We had the best relief society activity this week. We played volleyball!!! And, let's just say that the women (and men) of Wisconsin aren't the smallest people in the world. And there are lots of elderly ladies in our ward! So it was hilarious!!!! Totally fun. We played with a giant princess volleyball and all the ladies got super into it and did some pretty epic dives and saves. It was super funny!!!!! XD 

I love when the cornbread lady has us over. We had a great time over there again this week. She feeds us really good and fancy things (like delicious Wisconsin milk)! And, we were doing some tracting over on her street and we met this awesome lady!!! She is super sweet. :) She also has 5 kids that will beef up the primary. :P When we did the survey with her she started out saying she wouldn't read another book of scripture that isn't the Bible. But after we taught her the Restoration (the Spirit was so strong! Sister Peel and I teach well together!) she said she'd give it a try and prayed with us, right then and there and asked if the Book of Mormon is true! Ahh it was so great. We are going back over there with the cornbread lady today. :) 

Let's see... Emilie Kakuscke is leaving on her mission this week so we got to go to her open house. I'm now officially watching over her cello for her ;) I know, such a sacrifice on my part. I was also going to mention something else that's going on but I forgot what that is.  Just now that Oshkosh is on fire and I love it here!

Also, we were each asked to discuss in District Meeting this week how Gospel study has influenced us. I thought that was a very interesting question! I think Sister Peel said it best: "Well duh. How hasn't gospel study influenced me?" Haha! It's very true. I think about how much my testimony has grown on my mission. It's influenced not only that, but also my faith, my confidence, the way I see the world! I've learned to love the scriptures, to study and ponder them deeply and how to have a spiritual feast every morning, which is something I will always treasure. I have come to see in my own life that as Elder Packer said "true doctrine understood changes attitudes and behavior." It's exciting because there's always so much to learn!! And not enough time to learn it all. I also liked what Sister Cutler said: that studying the Gospel takes the teachings of the gospel from your mind to your heart. I couldn't agree more! It has become so much more real to me. I used to think of repentance, the gospel of Jesus Christ, as something you do when you sin and make a mistake. Now I've realized that it is much more than that. It is a way of life! 

I love you all!


Sister Woods 

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