Thursday, January 1, 2015

Week 43

Hello, Everyone!

First of all, happy birthday to a certain Kent Woods!!! I hope it's a great day for you. :D 

So here's what happened this week!

On Christmas Eve we made a whole bunch of no-bake cookies and delivered them to lots of people. Actually, Sister Peel did (they rock!) and I made the cards. That seemed to be a much better use of time than tracting! #goawayitschristmas. Plus, the comp hasn't been feeling well. :(

Christmas was great!!! We were so tired that we opened all our presents in our beds, haha. Then we were invited to Bishop's house for a breakfast of belgian waffles, fruit and eggs. Oh, and homemade carmels but shhhh... I don't talk about those. :) There should be some pictures of facebook. Don't worry, I didn't put them there! :P

We did quite a few hours worth of caroling over at Evergreen.  I brought the cello with me and I played while SIster Peel and the elders sang. :D It was really fun! We traveled around to each of the little households and played for them. The old people were so cute! They were like "I know this song!"  Sister Peel is actually a really great singer. The elders are... not so much! :P And it's totally alright. But it was pretty funny: to mix things up a bit I played the alto line and the elders looked at Sister Peel, singing the melody, horrified that she was singing the wrong notes. Haha!! 

Then we went to the Kakuschkes and had skyping and dinner. The Jages were there as well and it was definitely a full house! It was so lovely to talk to my family!! :) Then we played board games! That kind of reminded me of being at home with my own family because that's just what we would have done! Except it wasn't Summoner Wars. 

It was definitely an amazing day!! 

BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER. My awesome Mom made me a blanket. #win. 

Oh and we have SO MANY LEFTOVERS. Also, I made breakfast casserole. :D 

The day after Christmas I turned 10 months old! Ahh I'm too old.

 So we were driving on a super sketchy back road and we hit a deer! It's the first time I've ever seen that happen. Luckily tee-wee was keeping us in  check and we weren't going too fast. We just broke its leg. :( It was probably Bambi's mom or something and we are in trouble. Luckily the car isn't very damaged. Just a lil' fur in the hood. #allgoodinthehood. :) 

Oh, and I got to play the piano guys arrangement " O Come O Come Emanuel" in sacrament meeting with Jared (who is going back to BYU Idaho next week :(). THis has been my Christmas piece for a few years in a row now. There was a video recorded that might be on facebook? :P It was super fun! Jared only had the music for a few days and we only rehearsed it twice but it turned out great. There were lots of very nice comments made. One lady in particular said she kept getting the chills. I was a bit concerned for her, haha, but I guess that means she liked it! :P One guy invited me to come play at his poetry reading club. That sounds like fun! :) I've also been asked by the nice pastor lady to play at the Sunday services at Evergreen this next Sunday. Yay, more gigs! :)

Oh, and we had another SCANLANOUS meeting at the Scanlons. #TMI. What I mean is It's one of those (frequent) times where people tell you a bunch of things you definitely didn't need to know about! It was pretty hilarious. The best and only thing to do is just smile and nod, I suppose! I love that family. :) Scandalous!

We are sad for Rachel, who is paralyzed and whose husband won't give her the necessary help to come to church. She is so sad about it!!! We keep praying for his heart to soften so she can pursue this. 

Paige is doing great!! She keeps telling us "I'm ready!!!" Did I tell you she set her own baptism date at the end of January? Ha. She is funny like that. But I'm sure glad I wasn't transferred so I will get to be here for her baptism. :D I'm pretty sure I don't ever want to leave this place!!! 

I'm learning so much I can't even describe it. No time and no room. :) 


Love you all and hope you have a happy New Year!!!!

P.S. here is a smilie scripture: 2 Chronicles 5:12 :) 

P.S.S I love 2 Nephi 25:25-26.  I actually read verse 25 a bit differently this time: "we are made alive because of our faith in Christ." That is definitely true!!! :))


Sister Lacey Woods

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