Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yoho, It's 3 Below!! (Week 44)

Hello Everyone!!!

Oh my goodness it is FREEZING. It is 3 below, the coldest I've ever seen, and I haven't even seen the worst of it. January just started after all! It is the weirdest sensation to breathe in through your nose and have your nose hairs freeze. Needless to say I am grateful for my giant coat. It has been a great week! 

Actually, it has been a very awkward week! Very funkward. Allow me to explain. :) 

First I have to inform you all about the most amazing lake in all of Wisconsin. Actually, this one is found in Minnesota I believe. Lake Winnebagosh!! Say it and it will make your day better, trust me. 

So there we were. We were at a dinner appointment at the Osmers'. We were talking about what Adam and Eve did for 900 years and Brother Osmer said: "They had children!!" Bahahaha. 

Also, we had a very successful week. As i've mentioned before we are starting something called missionary moments this year. So, we have been going around telling the members about it and trying to get them to sign up for a specific day of the month on our calendar. Well, we have 4 people signed up so far!!! :D I'm so excited, it will be so great! 

We are also teaching SIster Hoffman's daughter the lessons again. She was baptized when she was 10 and their family went less-active shortly thereafter so she doesn't remember anything. She has had a rough past few years being involved in drug addiction and alcohol. But she's ready to get to a better place and has been coming to church with her mom. She's so cool! Her mom, SIster Hoffman, is one of my favorites. She is pretty much the world's best fellowshipper and takes everyone under her wing. She is actually going through the temple for the first time pretty soon and getting her patriarchal blessing. We are hoping we will be able to attend one of those with her! (for those who might be unfamiliar with what these terms mean see lds.org. :)) 

Well, her daughter has a friend named Sam who we met and is really interested in hearing the lessons. SIster Hoffman told us this week that she heard Sam say "I could totally do this Mormon thing. I would totally give up pants!!! I could SO be a Mormon! " Bahahahahahahaha! Apparently she thinks that Mormons don't wear pants because Sister Peel and I don't. :)

By the way, Sister Peel told me that her brother, Orange, has a girl that he knows named Clementine. Think about it; a perfect match!!! I'm pretty sure this marriage is prearranged already. Clementine and Orange Peel! Perfect.

So back to the awkwardness of this week. A few weeks ago, out of the blue, one of our potential investigators, Jerry, called us and told us he wanted us to come over. We were like "um, okay!" So we did. And he was about to go to a church function so we couldn't stay but he told us to come back again and talk to him. So we did this week (we saw him walk across the street and he later told us he was too sick to talk.) So we stopped by again and this time he adjusted his hearty monitor and we started talking to him and he was like "Sorry I've gotta go to the bathroom. Diarrhea." And he left! Ahhhhh so much awkwardness! We died laughing it was crazy. We still have no idea why he wants us to come over but I'm dying to know. 

Then that same day, the awkward day, some people were yelling outside this house we had previously tracted "GIVE ME A BIBLE! I WANT A BIBLE!!!" I turned to Sister Peel and said: "this is why we need the members. So we don't have to follow up with crazies! :P" As soon as we acknowledged them they immediately got quiet. So funny! Haha, don't tempt us, we WILL give you one! :P 

We have this awesome lady named Marcy. I believe I've mentioned her before. 
This is the lady who keeps telling us "I still want to join. Don't give up on me!" She's said this twice now. Well we had an appointment with her at the church (coincidentally the same time as MLC) and she didn't show up! It was heartbreaking. Don't you know what you are doing to our hearts, Marcy? :P Haha.

I got to play for the elderly again at Evergreen at their church service. I totally winged it. There was a 15 year old girl who is amazing at the piano and she sightread the piano part to some cello music I've never played before and we performed it! Haha. And of course I sightread the hymns during the service.That was the most I've ever winged it, haha. Well, it made the people really happy and they enjoyed it so that was good. :) 

And this week we are performing another piece in church! Only this time it is starring Sister Peel!! That's right. It's her solo debut, her first time signing in public. Sister Moffitt and I will be playing as well, along with the stake president's wife on the piano. It should be fun!

And it looks like it's time to go now!! 

Love you all!!!

Sister Woods

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