Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 51--One Year Mark!!

Dear Everyone,

It has been a great week! It flew by, like most weeks do. Today is another freezing day in Marquette. I know you're all surprised, right??! Ha! Well, it's -30 today (with windchill) so that means they cancelled school. That's one perk of being a Uper, I suppose. :) Built-in breaks all the time!

Not too much is going on, just THE WORK IS HASTENING. No big deal. :) 

I turn a year old on Thursday! I'm so old. I really don't want to come home from my mission. I'm told that normal life is much more boring. I think I can remember what that was like? :) I don't really want to. 

Well, our microwave is still broken! We should be getting a new one, soon. 

We were visiting this one guy and I asked him who his favorite superhero is. He was showing us a room that was full of superhero things, after all! So he said: "Oh, God!!" Me: "Well He's pretty great!! I think He is mine, too." Bahahah XD #donttakethelordsnameinvain

Have I mentioned that there is a town in Michigan called Christmas? Well, there is! We have to do lots of driving here. It's pretty awesome. We spend a lot of time in our truck jamming to Gospel rock. Anyway, it's true, and I will need to send pictures! There are Santas everywhere, naturally. Perhaps I will see a reindeer in the woods! #sisterwoodsinthewoods.  

I might be getting a cello this week! I will have to see what it will be like to rent one. :D

I have never seen a bigger dog. It was crazy and jumping all over us. We were following up with a lady who has a giant mastiff! It's "Masstive!!" :P 

So Aubrey went to church with us yesterday!! She is really hilarious. She tells everyone: "So I'm told I am an 'investigator' but I didn't get a spy hat, a looking glass or anything!" She is working on determining what her motivations are for learning about the church. BUT I know the Gospel will bless her life so much as she experiments with it. She really enjoyed church, said she was actually able to pay attention and even learned things (compared to her experience in Mass)!  Hooray! Plus there was a potluck after church so that's always a winning event. ;) I have to say, people going to church makes me very, very happy as a missionary! Jack also showed up! He loved church and he's doing so great at learning to understand the Book of Mormon. It's slow process but every time we read with him we are able to point out to him that he applies it to his own life, which is great! I'm excited for the progress he's making.

Another small gem of happiness that happened this week. We were teaching a grumpy lady and she was the happiest she's ever been this time. Perhaps my goofiness cheered her up. xD 

Oh, and our district is tiny. We are the only set of sisters! 

Get this. President wants the Elders to refer all the young, single girls they are teaching (2 of them were at church yesterday!!!) to us. We can't have cute elders converting all the girls! #scandalous. This means we have suddenly acquired so many wonderful prepared people to teach!!!! I couldn't be more excited. Okay, maybe I could but that's because we are being visited by an apostle next month and probably getting ipads. :) So I already am that excited! The Powerpuff girls I mentioned last week are so great. One of them loves to go out teaching with us, like all day every day, which has been really fun. I guess my driving doesn't terrify her TOO much. And they keep making our teaching pool grow! So great. We are already on our way to having a new powerpuff girl join forces with them. That's the elders' investigator that we will now be teaching. The other one plays the double bass, violin, and viola, so I'm sure that will be great when I get my cello. :) I'm so excited!!!!!! 

Miracles are happening. I love this work and I know that our Heavenly Father loves us! If we trust in Him, and in our Savior, all will work together for our good.


Sister Woods :D 

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