Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 17

Hello Everyone!

I'm running short on time this week so I'll keep things brief. I got a haircut this week! As you can see from the pictures, we found a turtle! It was quite exciting. Bryan has been keeping a snapping turtle in his bathtub! Talk about terrifying. 

We have been running low on miles this month so we have been walking A LOT. We also don't have very many people to teach right now.  And, not to sound complainy, but we keep inviting the members to come to lessons with us, like all the time, and they don't really want to. We haven't had a member at our lessons for quite a long time. I didn't realize that it is possible for the branch to be much more helpful than it is! Sis. Peterson said her last two areas were much, much different (better) in this regard, and the members were much nicer, friendlier, and more helpful. This is my first area, so I don't know these things. All I know is, when I get home from my mission, I want to help the missionaries! Poor missionaries! Help them out, will you? :) But that's okay! Such is life. We have been working really, really hard and we even found some new investigators this week. Haha, it was so funny.  We went tracting in these apartment buildings where you have to ring the doorbell and then they have to come downstairs to answer it. It was rather awkward, but clearly the missionaries before us didn't tract there because we found like 5 new people there. There was a super attractive guy not wearing a shirt who answered and it was hilarious because it was so distracting to talk to him and keep our eyes focused,haha. 

Our investigator, Lucas, came to church yesterday! This was only the second time I've had an investigator at church, so it was quite awesome. It is amazing how much more amazing church becomes when you have someone there experiencing it for the first time.  It is also amazing how every talk and lesson given seems to be just what they needed to hear! Lucas is a very quiet and studious guy, so it was hard to tell exactly what he was thinking. But Brother Somers, who drove him, says he really liked it. :) Hooray! He is the only person we are teaching right now.  But that's okay, he's doing great!

We met this guy named Pauly out on the street. Our lesson with John cancelled again so SIster Peterson and I go up to this guy playing a guitar and start talking to him. Sister Peterson is like, "hey, will you teach me how to play your guitar?" So he did, and then he let us teach him about the Gospel. It's crazy how the Lord puts people in our path. We are going back to teach him again! He is a cool guy. 

This is less important, but we got to play basketball in our missionary clothes after our branch barbeque. Nothing too exciting, but it was fun. :)

Well, that's all for this week! I love the Gospel and I know it's true! It's still exciting. I'm learning lots out here. :D 

And... my prediction for Abby's mission call is... Greece!! (so she can be Sister Abethus, of course!!) And if it's stateside then I choose Montana. Or Florida. Hm, tough choice. I'm so excited to find out next week! :)


Sister Woods

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