Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 14

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week.  I only have 30 minutes to write this so I'll try to include as much as I can, for it has truly been a CRAZY week! 

A story from last week I forgot to mention.  We met this old guy named Charles in front of his house.  He called us over and we talked with him. But, turns out this guy was a total creeper!!!! He kept trying to invite us into his house to look at his creepy, (unclothed) life-sized dolls! I was like "No way, Jose!" and was getting ready to go into self-defense mode! And, he kept saying he wanted kiss us and ended up giving us a side hug!!! Needless to say he wasn't very interested in learning about the church.  When we were leaving he was like "wait you forgot to give me your number!" to which we said, "No we didn't!!" Creepy! xD 

I had an amazing birthday!!! The weather was PERFECT. We went running and then my companion made me pancakes! The really good Great Harvest kind. She also made me some cupcakes.  Then I opened my giant, epic birthday box from my family, which was full of delightful, wonderful things!!! Thanks, family!!! :D We went out to get some Mexican Food (fajitas) before District Meeting. They made me a card and got me a gift. So nice! It was such an amazing day!! I had so much fun.I really wasn't expecting anything. I mean, how fun can a birthday be on your mission? The answer is pretty darn amazing!  Sister Cutler called me and so did the AP's, who sang to me. Also, we had dinner at the Thompson's. They offered to  make me a birthday treat, but I said no thanks because I've been all caked out!!! So, they put a candle in my hamburger and sang. Bryan took us out to get Belts ice cream after dinner. I was very spoiled that day!!! Needless to say, I have been given WAY too much food and won't need any more for a long, long time! xD

Then we found out about transfers. Ok, so we found out in the morning that Sister Pearson was being transferred (via text) but then later that day, President Cutler called us!!! Now, that is a scary, terrifying thing because it means that something extra special is happening. He would only call us if one of us were training, or being made a sister training leader. My heart was pounding so hard, it was TERRIFYING. I was like, oh no, I can't be a trainer yet!! I would literally die! (and so would she! xD) But, as I was predicting, Sister Pearson was made a sister training leader... in Wausau!! (companions with Sister Smith) That means she will still be in my zone and I will get to see her all the time at zone conferences and on exchanges. And I can call her whenever. So, in many ways, this is great news!!! :) I have learned so much from her and will really miss her. 

I found out like an hour ago that my new companion will be Sister Peterson! She is really, really awesome, I hear, and used to be a Sister Training Leader.  That's all I know so far! I will need a good companion for this area because all the people we were teaching have dropped us! This tends to happen around transfer season. We were able to find a couple more, but not really any promising prospects. 

Sad news!!! Tim was doing so well. But then, he went to see his counselor who told him that members of our church are too judgmental.  His issue is the dress code!! We told him he can wear his camouflage to church, but he just doesn't understand. Perhaps he found issue with the fact that we as missionaries wear nice clothes all the time? (well of course, we are missionaries!) For whatever reason, (namely Satan!) his mind has changed and he doesn't want to be told what to do right now. Now he doesn't think the Book of Mormon is true. Even though he told us last week he was giving up smoking and drinking right then and there! We even had the Branch President with us, who was wearing overalls, and is the most down-to-earth guy ever, but he still told all of us to get off his property. Sad face!!!! Maybe one day his heart will soften, but that time is not right now. :( 

Transfers are really sad, stressful, and nerviting all at once. Change is necessary, but so difficult!  I'm super terrified at having to be in charge of things. BUT, I know the Lord will help me have the strength to meet these new challenges.It will be good for me. I felt lots of peace as I was fasting yesterday. 

Well, we finally got to talk with Trish again! She's going out of town but still wants to be baptized.

Things seem to be improving with the Tapplins. We were able to touch on the major issues that are preventing Brother Tapplin from coming back to church. Hopefully we can help him come back soon! 

We have definitely had a challenging week. But, the spirit is strong and I know that the Lord will strengthen me and lead us to those who are prepared. I discovered an awesome scripture this week: 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10. I love how it says that when we are weak, then we are made strong!! I know the Lord strengthens us in our weaknesses. I rely on His strength every day out here!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Sister Woods

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