Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 18

My wonderful family and friends,

I can't believe it has been 4 months already! Time has flown by, especially this month. 

Well, I have fabulous news! We were over at the Carroll's house for family home evening last week and someone brought pretzel jello salad!!!! I literally died and went to heaven. For those of you who don't know, this is my favorite thing ever, and I only get to eat it on Christmas and my birthday at home. So this... was amazing! And, she sent us home with the leftovers, haha. Perks of being a missionary. :P

Lucas is doing so well!!! We taught him about the Work of Wisdom this week and he's quitting coffee and smoking! He only smoked 1 yesterday, which is really huge for him. He's doing great and we are very excited for him. We have calls with the district leader every Sunday and he asked us how we are focusing on "the one" lately. Haha, I told him we most definitely are focusing on THE ONE because Lucas is the one and only person we are teaching!! Yep, we are zeroed in on him! :P Well, we did lots and lots and lots of tracting this week and found a couple more people.  We went tracting for over 4 hours on Saturday (my record!). Yes, on Saturday we were able to tract into some much nicer people. They even gave us water! Probably because we were so sweaty. :P These past 2 to 3 weeks we have been encountering some real meanies!!! I suppose being outright opposed is better than having them set up a return appointment with us and then leave us standing at the door! True story (it happens all the time). It was quite frustrating.  Cole, the attractive guy not wearing a shirt, did that to us. We showed up to our appointment and he left us standing at the door. Good thing Sis. McCauley was there to talk with us in the car before our next appointment in the same building, which also cancelled. She served a mission, she knows what it's like! Then he said we were scaring his roommate! Haha, that is pretty funny. I don't know that Sis. Peterson and I are very intimidating... :P I'm learning lots of good things out here, that's for sure! And hey. Sister Harper told us how she was chased with an egg on her mission so I guess we are pretty lucky. No one has chased us yet! :) 

Yesterday we got to talk to the most amazing guy ever when we were out tracting. At first he wasn't interested when we were talking with him. Then we asked him if he's heard anything different than what we had just explained to him in his research about the Book of Mormon and our church. Then all of a sudden he started asking us all kinds of questions about Joseph Smith. We had a great discussion with him! He asked us about our testimonies, why we decided to serve missions, and if we have had any "undeniable" experiences with God and we were able to share those. It goes to show that the Book of Mormon changes hearts. :) He is moving soon but I'm certain he's going to read it and have lots of questions for the missionaries one day. 

Well, that is pretty much it for this week. It has been a tough one! Nothing too exciting. Oh, I tried yellow watermelon which was pretty good. :)

Love you!

Sister Woods

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