Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 20

Hello Everyone!

Wow, I can't believe it's been another transfer already! Well, Sister Peterson and I are here to stay. :) Lots of amazing miracles happened this week, like, for instance, we now have people to teach!! Can't ask for a better miracle than that!

I feel like I'm learning so many little things, line upon line, all the time about charity and repentance but I don't have much time this week! I love studying the Gospel in-depth because it truly does change lives! I can feel it changing me. I am loving my mission! I'm learning so much. 

We had 2 investigators at church this week, Rick and Lucas! It was so amazing to see Lucas's transformation.  When we first met him, he looked quite, well, scary. He wore all black, skull t-shirt, chains, you get the idea. Well, this was his third time at church and without anyone saying anything to him, he wore dress pants and a nice shirt! It's like those stories you hear all the time.  He's changing! :) He is still working on quitting smoking. He unfortunately started again last week. It is a big struggle for him, confidence-wise! We are doing everything we can to encourage him to keep going! We plan on making him steak this week and bringing him ice cream (in addition to helping him strengthen his testimony of course!). We are hoping to have him prepared for baptism by the first week of August. 

Rick, a nice 21-year-old guy we tracted into, was also at church and he enjoyed it! He felt good at church and wants to change and keep learning!

We also got a referral from a member to see this awesome lady named Mindy who lives out in Amhurst. We met her and she is interested!  Ooooh, and we are teaching a family tonight! This lady's name is Beth and she has 2 daughters. We contacted her again and asked her if she's been reading the Book of Mormon and she says she hasn't... because her mom stole it! Hahahahah.  That's a great excuse, haven't heard that one! But it means the grandma is reading too, so we are excited to teach the whole family tonight. 

We also went to a Heritage Days Fair on Saturday.  It was an hour drive and we saw some Amish people on the way! The Elders went as well and we got to make ropes.  And, Sis. Peterson and I were in charge of "watching" the homemade bread, venison stew and dutch-oven cobbler. Yep, that was our assignment. And, well, it was a delicious assignment! 

I'll update you all with pictures next week! I caught a frog! :P

Well, I love you all! 

P.S. Thanks to Kyle for his thoughts and scriptures about Alma!! those helped out a TON with the less-active member we are seeing. :) 


Sister Woods

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