Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 59--Power House Week!!

Hello, Everyone!

Normally I take a few notes so I know what to write about. Well, not this week! It's been very busy, which, as a missionary, is the best thing ever! :D 

So, with that I will name a few highlights. The first one being that it was a bright, beautiful and sunny week! With the exception of today (it rained). BUT, records were made this week. Because of the gorgeous weather, we were able to find many people outside. I know, it sounds like a crazy concept up here in the U.P. But, it's true! We were truly blessed to be able to teach 37 other lessons this week! This is my all-time record. Normally, 20 is a good week and 10 is the minimum standard of acceptability (for me, at least.) And we found 5 new investigators! We are being insanely blessed. I like it. :) 

One of these wonderful new investigators is Gray. We just taught her the Restoration today, actually. She knows the Powerpuff girls as well as one of the ward members. She is super tiny and very sweet so she is a good match for Sister Dunlap and me. And, the best part is she's staying all summer so we can teach her! She seems a little cautious, but interested and excited about what we shared with her. 

We also met some other exciting people. One of them casually said "I'm getting baptized." Psssht, we'll see about THAT! :) Actually, we really do hope to see that. 

Some of the other 5 new people we found are also friends with the Powerpuff girls. Two of them are also friends, and meeting with us. The Powerpuff girls are super awesome for inviting their friends to family dinner with all of us! #inviteyofriends! 

We also had blitzes in Marquette with the Sister Training Leaders. This is a partial explanation for the unusual number of lessons taught! I went with Sister Kealer, who is a powerhouse! I mean it, this girl is small but she packs a powerful punch. We talked to absolutely EVERYONE. It was great, I loved it! It was kind of hilarious, actually. We walk out of a house and we pause to listen. SIster Kealer hears someone raking far off in the distance, so we march right on over there and offer to rake that lady's leaves. And we don't take no for an answer! JK, we did (eventually) but we DID said a prayer with her! Haha. I love talking with everyone. It's like a fun challenge. I'm normally pretty good at it, decent, but I've never seen a sister take that so literally before! I am inspired! :) In all seriousness, I could definitely see this sister being my next companion. We both can, since she has only one more transfer. I'm secretly hoping that is what the Spirit will whisper to President Cutler. We would make a great team, oh and we both have the same career goals. :D 

Funny story of the week. So, there we were, teaching a recent convert at her house, in her basement. She has a new puppy, a sort of hound mix. The kind of dog isn't really important to the story. However, you know you have put on a few pounds on the mission when a dog comes up to you, grabs hold of a side handle and won't. let. go! It kept nibbling and nibbling. xD Bahahaha. It was funny AND embarrassing #funbarrassing. 

We also had a missionary return home in the ward! It's the bishop's daughter, actually. She also, ironically, has the same career goals as I do and is attending medical school in the fall. She is super awesome and wants to go out teaching with us all the time! I have to admit, it may be a *sacrifice* on our part to allow such a thing ;) but... I suppose we can allow that. :) 

This Saturday is Mary's baptism!!!! And, it will be Sister Dunlap's first! So excited. :DDDD We got her all suited up at church so she's all prepared. I'm playing the musical number for her. The only sad part is it will be her last Sunday. After this week, she will be graduated and moving... who knows where. Pittsburgh or maybe down state (which means Wisconsin in Yooper).  I only hope that we can be temple buddies a year from now, or some point in the future. That would be awesome! 

Well, that's it for this week! I love you, I miss you, and I hope you all have a splendiforous week! 


Sister Woods 

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