Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 58--A Quiet Week

Well, Hello!!!

So, the weather in Marquette has been SUPER whacky!! It snowed so much this week! (I've figured out how to drive in it! ;)) Then it was pouring rain. Then it was a whopping 71 degrees yesterday ( I was burning up in my snow boots!), it felt like I was in Vegas again or something! Then today, anticipating a turn for the better in terms of weather, I wore my flowery spring skirt only to find... that it is pouring rain outside!!! Craziness. I never know what to expect anymore! :P 

We've been meeting with some new people this week! We tracted into this girl, Kaylee, who has a grandma who is a member of the church here in Marquette! She is 18, (the girl, not the Grandma :P) curious about what Mormons believe and she's awesome! We already met with her and it went really well!  :)

We have some other exciting things coming up... but I will wait until they are " fo show" before I report on them! :) 

Aubrey has become super busy and has stopped meeting with us for the time being. Darn!!! President wanted us to try to help her be baptized before school gets out. That's okay, there is always the future. :) 

Mary is still excitedly anticipating her baptism next Saturday! I can't wait!!!! I will be playing the cello. :)

We celebrated Sister Dunlap's birthday this week, which also happened to be interview day! This companion is silly and doesn't like breakfast food (pancakes and such). BUT she did allow me to make her a giant breakfast quesadilla (she likes protein.) It took her 3 days to eat it becasue it was giant! I also had to be extra sneaky and get us a dinner appointment while she was being interviewed and make an oreo cake. It's hard to surprise someone when you spend every waking moment together, within sight and sound! But all in all it was a fun day and a fun challenge to be sneaky! :P I had basically the best interview of my life. It took a whole hour and included a very special blessing. We found out that Sister Dunlap will be transferred! President prayed to know where to send her next, so we are pretty sure. :) 

We fed crickets to turtles and lizards at the Children's Museum. That was exciting and gross all at the same time. 

I'd say that the funniest part of our quiet week was on Sunday. So there we were in Gospel Principles and the teacher didn't show up again and since the Elder's taught last time, the ward mission leader asks, "how are you feeling about this, sisters?" I looked at the lesson, which was on Priesthood Organization and said "How are YOU feeling about this, Brother Niefeler??" ;)) Hahahahahaha, I mean, of ALL subjects to have the sisters teach, you want us to teach THIS lesson, not the elders? In front of all the investigators!!? Well, we had to teach it. And boy was it interesting! Yep, totally impromptu teaching about each of the priesthood responsibilites, offices, and classes. I drew a picture. :) Sister Dunlap knew very little about it, so THAT was a fun time for me! :P Haha. I felt bad for the Elder's investigator whose first Sunday at church it was, but that's okay. Given the circumstances it went really well! 

I can't really describe to you the joy I feel on my mission. I try but it doesn't turn out right, I feel. Some weeks, like last week, are really intense. But I am so grateful for everything I'm learning. For the people I get to work with, for the privilege I have to share with them the most joyous message in the world. That lights a fire within my heart and makes every day worthwhile!It changes me.  I don't want to go home. It's amazing to me how every ounce of energy we put in to serving the Lord, He turns around and pours out His splendiforous blessings. I made up that word. :) 

Love you all! 

Sister Lacey Woods 

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