Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 56-Week of Craziness and Off-Roading Adventures!!!!

Hello, Everyone!!!

I only have like 15 minutes to write this email so here goes!!!

This week has been a toughie, I can't lie about that. Most of my emails are nice and cheery and uplifting but this one will have a touch of realism as well. But, overall, I'm a happy sister missionary, being lovingly chastened, doing her duty and floating along. :) 

First of all, the most dramatic thing that could have happened. I got into an accident!!! There was lots of wind and snow yesterday and we were driving along the freeway and ran into some black ice!! Next thing I know we are spinning in a circle #JESUSTAKETHEWHEEL!!!!!!! And land into a snow bank. Everything is fine, no one was hurt, or hit, but that was TERRIFYING!!!!!! I'm super glad I had the thought for us to say a prayer before we left. We were heading to Base and Sarah was in the car with us. The only thing I can think of happening that would be MORE scandalous is if my comp were pregnant or something. Now THAT would be scandalous! :) But, joking aside, the truck's bumper is torn and we will have to get it fixed. It was such an adventure with the cops and the tow truck. Good times. :) So we took some pictures, of course. And we got to hang out in the truck for a minute or two SIDEWAYS (we thankfully landed on a hill otherwise we would have flipped!! #tendermercy) and, naturally, played "Jesus Take the Wheel" to commemorate this terrifying, yet somewhat humorous, experience. 

I was also SUPER SICK this week! For four days in a row. But, the amazing part is I was only sick during the times we were at home in the apartment, not when I'm out trying to spread the Gospel. I won't describe too much the type of sick but let's suffice it to say it was NOT pleasant! And I totally lost my appetite. I can't eat much of anything. If this keeps up I'll go home looking as thin as I was in high school! Oh man. :) Maybe this is a blessing?! Haha. 

Jack is reading up a storm! He says he has the spirit with him and is never letting go! He is our miracle of the week. :) 

We are praying hard-core for Aubrey right now who had a major issue with women and the priesthood at church yesterday!!!! She's backed up to the wall of faith and we hope she can make it through!!!!

I've been very much tried in other, much harder ways this week. Even though persecutions may rage, "all these things shall give us experience and be for our good" (D&C 122:7).  It's interesting that I'm learning these lessons right before Easter!!!! It's a powerful reminder to me of the Atonement, and how it "encircles us in the arms of safety" (Alma 34:16). I'm definitely seeing the Lord's mercy. I love this work! 


SIster Woods 

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