Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 38

Hello everyone!!!

So transfers happened. I'm a bit sad that Sister Wilson is leaving, she will definitely be missed, but I know she will do awesome in her new area. My new companion, Sister Peel, is awesome! I've already met her. In fact, her last area was the YSA branch so she already knows lots of people in Oshkosh. That should make for a smooth transition. :) 

Some exciting things are happening in Oshkosh! And in the mission. We are starting up a new survey approach, which apparently has been quite successful. It should greatly help us get invited in people's houses! And escape the snow.(perhaps for some hocho! :P) #satanstears. Just kidding. I suppose it's rather pretty if you squint your eyes. :) 

Well, back to the excitement in Oshkosh. Seriously. That former investigator who contacted us, Paige, is so awesome!!!! She told us the most incredible story. She has been attending institute and reading the Book of Mormon with her husband, who is less-active. She used to be totally not interested. Well, she was listening to the Book of Mormon the other day in Omni and it just hit her. She described it as a "knowing,"  a pure surge from the spirit and she knew she was feeling the spirit confirm to her that the Book of Mormon is true!!! So cool. And we are meeting with her several times a week because she is eager to get baptized! :D 

I got to go to West Bend on exchanges. That was fun! 

Since it is so cold outside we have been working out at the church in the gym. There is also a seminary class going on and it was funny because the seminary teacher, Sister Kakuschke thought we were hobos walking in to the church in our hoodies! 

I also had the opportunity to play the cello at the Evergreen old folks place we volunteer at on Sundays. I played prelude music for the cute old people at their Sunday service and then I played their hymns (with a pianist) with them while they sang. It was quite fun. They seemed to really enjoy it! SIster Wilson said that the pastor lady about laid an egg she was so excited. :P Ha! She is funny. 

We are teaching Quintesa again! Well, I don't think things have changed. She came to church yesterday and man oh man. Lots of intense drama! Dominic, her son, takes rowdy at church to a whole new level. We tried to lull him to quietude with some crayons (he broke them) and various other means but to no avail. So, long story short, she ended up having to take him out into the foyer, kicking and screaming, with laptop in hand and she ended up breaking her laptop with all her homework on it, in the struggle! She was not happy. Oh man. I'm so grateful we have such great members that were able to help out with the situation! They are sympathetic. Ha! Always an adventure with Dominic (and all these children!) :) 

Life is great! Hope you have a great week!


Sister Woods

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