Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 37

Hello, Everyone!!!!

Wow, it has been a really busy week this week! I'm afraid I don't have TOO much to report. 

Sister Moffit wasn't feeling well so we just had lunch at her fancy manor, we didn't play anything yet. We will be rehearsing our piece for sacrament this week, though. :) 

We had lots of members come to our lessons this week, which was great! Nine is the most I've ever had in a week! :) We have built up quite a teaching pool. I love being busy! And having lots of appointments. Teaching is fun. It has also been really fun to take our friend Ashley out tracting with us. She is 18 and thinking about going on a mission. We have a few eager youth that like to come with us. They rock! Anyway, we were invited into lots of people's homes (during the limited time we had to actually go tracting) and we were  actually able go in (since we had another girl with us). :D 

We also had a cool story. So on Halloween, at Sister Moffitt's place, we noticed this kind of sad-looking lady in a wheelchair. I felt prompted to give her one of the bat candy bags we were out delivering to people in the ward. Well, when we were at lunch at Sister Moffitt's, we saw her again! (we actually had to split up, as in Sister Wilson and I each had to sit at different tables and eat lunch with whoever was sitting there). Well, come to find out, this lady was really touched by the bat we gave her (it is sitting in her living room) and now she has a Book of Mormon and she is a new investigator! :)  

We were supposed to have a blizzard today but it hasn't happened yet. I'd definitely be okay if it decided to be delayed until, um, never. :P Haha. JK. I'm going to learn to love winter, like it or not! I'm hoping that since I'll be here in Oshkosh (aka the promised land) people will invite us in at the doorstep for some hocho! Haha. 

And last week I forgot to include a funny story about Charm, the skirt-lifter. Well, apparently this isn't the first time this has happened. This funny little girl also pulled down her Mom's pants (underwear and all) at the doctor's office!!!!! Oh man, I got off easy! :P 

We decided to push Anna's baptism date back a few weeks so she could retain the information better. Teaching hyper 9 year olds is a challenge, that's for sure! I invented a fun jeopardy game, though, for the baptism interview questions. And there were pieces of gum attached to the cards as prizes of course. ;) We did have a nice turnaround though, once we brought a member with us to the lesson. 

One thing I've learned on my mission thus far is that prayers get answered when done with faith. We have to ask in faith, nothing wavering like it says in James. Also see Enos 1:15. We have to ask with so much confidence that the Lord will hear and answer our righteous desires that it is like they have already been granted. I had a neat experience this week because I had fasted and prayed to find someone who was prepared and ready to make covenants with Heavenly Father last Sunday. Well, the next day we got that text from the former investigator who says she wants to get baptized. AND the day after that, we were following up with a potential investigator, trying to set up an appointment and she was like "Don't give up on me. I still want to join the church!"What?? Who says that?? Haha. Our jaws dropped a little bit. Of course, we don't know what will end up happening. I've been a missionary long enough to recognize that sometimes people just say things. Nevertheless, it was just a tender mercy to see my prayer answered.  I only mention these small instances as examples of the power that faith can have in our righteous petitions to our Father in Heaven.  

We are looking forward to another great week. I hope Sister Wilson doesn't get transferred!

Well, that's all for now. I love you all!!!!


Sister Woods

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