Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sister Woods Arrives in Oshkosh! (Pictures)

Meet Lacey's new companion . . . Sister Wilson!!  She is from Santa Clarita, California.
Lacey is so excited to be serving with her.  Lacey says she is fun, hilarious, witty, super smart and happy!  Sounds like a perfect fit!  Yay!

I love this apartment! It's very fun-sized and we have a roomy living room.  Lacey's favorite part about her new apartment in Oshkosh . . . they have "spinning" chairs!

Look what Elder Booth left for me to play! He was going home from his mission and is letting me use his cello. :) 

 I can just mail it back to him when I'm done with it. It has speakers as well. My companion has played it too, haha.  I usually play without the speakers so it's not super noisy. She loves when I play so that is good news!  :) 

And there is also a member family who has a cello and they are very nice and will let me borrow it for church performances and such. :)   I'm using that cello's bow right now, as well.  

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