Thursday, September 4, 2014

Saying Goodbye in Stevens Point--Pictures

Our cute family home evening group . . .
L to R--Sister Zimmerman, Albert, Sister Woods, Sister Harper, Sister Lively and Sister Olsen.

This is Bryan.  He is probably my favorite person in Stevens Point that I had the privilege of working with!  He loves to run marathons and he loves to ride bikes!

Sister Woods with Sister Wilson

Oh, no!  Therapy from Belts' Ice Cream Parlor.  Yummy!

Lacey with Brother Somers
(He may be a possible relative--find out Grandma Donna!)

Bryan on his bike

Sister Peterson and Sister Woods by the riverfront in Stevens Point

Richie and his daughter on the riverfront in Stevens Point

This is Lucas!

And, this is Martice!  No snuggling the Sisters, Martice!!

A great crossroads . . . Wisconsin Packer fan!!

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