Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 26

Hello Everyone!

I wasn't surprised at all that I am going to be transferred since I've been in Stevens Point for 6 months now. But it's a huge suspense because we get the text with all the names of the missionaries being transferred on Saturday morning and unless you get a call from the mission president, (telling you you're training or becoming a Sister Training Leader) you have to wait until Monday to find out where you're going and who your new companion is! So I'm going to Oshkosh. I'm not really sure where that is but I heard it's near Fond-du-Lac.  My new companion will be Sister Wilson. :) 

I'm a bit sad to leave because I know everyone well and Stevens Point has been my home for a long time, but I'm also quite thrilled at the opportunity for change, for change brings with it the opportunity for more growth. I bore my testimony in church on Sunday and everyone called on me to give all the prayers. I've met some very special people here in Stevens Point so it was a bit sad to say goodbye, even though it doesn't really feel like a goodbye! :) I even got a few gifts, which was nice. 

Haha, so I found out that the YMCA is getting a scanner, so that means no more filing! This is funny because I've spent 2 hours a week doing lots of filing over there for 6 months. :) 

We did have to move April's baptism date back again. She went off to a camp in Madison where there was some alcohol involved and she caved and smoked a cigarette. Darn!  We were upset about it. But she knows she messed up and is going to get back on track. 

We were able to have some good lessons at members houses this week, though! We almost accomplished the goal that Elder Martino gave us to have 3 consecutive member-present lessons in a row, except April went out of town so we had 2 in a row instead. It is amazing just how important members are to helping our investigators! Lucas really connected with the Spauldings, who helped him see that the Lord will give us what we want (in his case to quit smoking) but He wants to see how badly you want it. Sometimes we take 3 steps forward and then fall back 2 steps, but if we never stop trying, if we are persistent and tenacious about getting back up when we fall, and keep pushing we will eventually make it.  As I've reflected on that I realize it is true!  Think about it, with that determination and the Lord's help, we can do anything! Every time in my life I've had a major change take place within me, a positive change I was seeking for, it has been because I've not only pleaded with the Lord for help, but I've had to work my guts out to show Him how badly I wanted what I was searching for. Our efforts are miniscule compared with what the Lord can do. It's a lot like a child who wants a bike. The child works and works but can only come up with $6. Well, when his father sees that he's done his very best, then he is able to step in and buy the bike. In now way is $6 going to earn him the bike, but with his father's help he is able to get what he desires. This means we have to be humble, realizing that it is the Lord that ultimately provides us with what we strive for. All of this brings to mind my favorite scripture, Ether 12:27, which talks about being humble 3 times! Repetition must mean that's pretty important. I have come to realize on my mission that humility is a source of strength, especially when combined with faith. Humility means that we know where our strength lies. Ultimately it is God who blesses us with our talents and abilities and He is so merciful and loves us so much that He is willing to step in and provide us with those things we couldn't attain solely from our own efforts. God is merciful and amazing and when we work with Him in tandem we can accomplish anything! :) it just takes patience and persistence. Anyway, tangent over. When Brother Spaulding was saying this the Spirit was super strong and I knew it was true. 

Funny story for this week... so there we were, walking back to our apartment and all of a sudden a fireball comes flying toward us.  We yelled and then Brother Somers and the elders appear laughting hysterically. It was quite funny, actually. The firecracker almost hit Sister Peterson and she said she felt flames on her back. They got the whole thing on video, it was awesome.

Well, I'm nervited to go to Oshkosh, but mostly excited! It will be a bit stressful because I have to do lots of packing. But that's okay. :) 

I know that the power of prayer is real and is a great source of solace. I love being a missionary! 

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!


Sister Woods

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