Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 12

Hello everyone!

Wow, time has flown by once again!  Well, the work is going very well over here. We are being very blessed!  My companion says she's never been so busy as we are in this area.

We MAY (or may not) have gone to Sweet Frog twice this week and this place called King Cone, which is advertised to be the best ice cream in central Wisconsin. Yep, we were scandalous and went there! Oh my goodness, there were so many flavors. It was a very, very good discovery! And by good I mean scandalous. D:

Oh, and I definitely did NOT buy any cookie butter at Wal Mart this week.  Ha! Well, it's not actually cookie butter it's called PB crave, cookie nookie. Basically, it's peanut butter with cookie dough flavoring, chocolate chips, and honey. It's the same as regular peanut butter calorie-wise, but it's soooooooooooo good!

I'll share a small but significant discovery I had in the Book of Mormon this week. You may not, but I thought it was cool. We can see in Mosiah 10:19 that Zeniff "did stimulate them (his army of Nephites to go to battle with their might, putting their trust in the Lord; therefore, we did contend with them (their enemies) face to face." So, when we are putting our trust in the Lord, that means that we are going to face our challenges and fears head-on! That's how we act in faith. We go forward, not holding back, with nothing wavering. I've definitely had some opportunities to apply it this week. Teaching is becoming easier for me in a lot of ways.

Things are going so well with Eric. We have finished teaching him all the lessons he needs to be baptized. In fact, he is still most likely going to be baptized on June 7th, here in Stevens Point! :) You see, he went back home to Milwaukee on Friday now that finals are over. He just goes to school here, but he wanted to be baptized here, where he knows people. He is seriously the most golden investigator ever, it was much, much too easy. Teaching the law of chastity is always awkward for me or anyone, but it wasn't so bad teaching him.

Sister Wilson is doing great at not smoking! We are excited for her. She now only has 1 cup of coffee a day. But not even that, for she's been sick. 

Oh, we have officially stated teaching this awesome guy named Tim. I haven't ever watched the show Duck Dynasty, but Tim loves that show and he looks just like one of those guys. There is a poster in his apartment. He is the boyfriend, actually, of a less-active named Nicole Friday. Most of the people we teach are her friends. We always meet some VERY interesting people at her place. Anyway, Tim loves camouflage. He's very nice, awesome, spiritual, loves the Bible, wants to come to church, and says he already knows the Book of Mormon is true. Ok then, haha.  He has some really good potential, if he can stop smoking, of course. And live the law of chastity. We'll see!

We have companion exchanges tomorrow. This means I'll be in charge again while Sister Pearson is away. Uh oh! The reason it's uh oh is because we are teaching Jimmy tomorrow, who has many, many tricky and challenging questions (about the Fall, agency, etc.)! So that should be interesting. :)

Oh, I met a guy who plays a cello yesterday. He happens to be my age. I not-so-subtly hinted that he should join us at FHE tonight (held at the rest home, where he also lives) and bring his cello (so I can play it, haha).

As you can see from some pictures we frolicked in a field when we went to Waupaca this week. Time is flying by and I don't want my companion to get transferred! Not fair. :(

OH NO. I had my first Wisconsin sausage experience this week. I ate just a little bit, just to get by. Cause I had to... such is life! :/

That's basically it for this week. We visited this really sad situation over in Waupaca. This lady is in her 70s and lives out on her own in a trailer, with no running water and no money. Her house burned down recently. She said we were down to earth, beautiful (her words) and nice so she was willing to listen to us. Poor lady!

That's all, I hope you all have a fabulous week!


Sister Woods

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