Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 75--Madisonian Week of Epic Adventures!


I don't have much time again, but it was an incredible week! Why, you might be wondering? Allow me to explain. :)

Zone conference was epic! Though my wrists hurt, I played the cello again and I received many nice comments. I also bore my "final" testimony which I was nervited about but it turned out just great just like things usually do. Why do I worry so much? Haha. ;P #jesustakethewheel. Zone conference was especially great becasue President Cutler gave a training about how eternal life=family life (it just wouldn't be zone conference without one of those! ;)) and he made an elder eat 4 snickers bars! It was hilarious. It was supposed to represent the lies Satan tells us to convince us to commit sin and overall it loses its appeal... as we could see. That poor elder was like "I don't want another one" but President said "will you if I really wanted you to?" And he said "Yes of course." Poor guy! Well, I'd feel more sorry if it were a sister because Elders in this mission tend to be beanpoles by the end of their missions. 

So all the bus drivers know us now. They say: "Really? You're on my bus again?!" Haha. One is named Rick and the other one is Paul. They are really nice and we were able to share a card with one and answer questions for the other one. Next step: give 'em a Book of Mormon. ;) 

We had an interesting bus experience! So there we were in teh corner and in walks a guy who asks us if we have a cuetip. Our response: "No. But we can offer you a card with a great website to learn more about Christ! :)" Haha. For this purposes of this story we will call him "Curious Baptist." Curious because he asked us lots of questions and wants to read the book of Mormon. Next walks in the Jehovah's Witness lady. We offer her a card and of course she says "no. I'm a Jehovah's Witness" to which we respond: "cool! We are really curious about you because people are alwyas getting us confused." We had a good conversation. We will call her "the first nice Jehovah's Witness." Next walks in a recovering alcoholic. We talk to her and she tells us about her recovery and how she's an agnostic. We respond with Ether 12:27, relating it to her experience with overcoming her addiction. She gets way excited, gladly accepts the book and tells us she will tell all her friends about it and call us later. Woopee, I know. :) Then we walk off the bus and this lady runs up to us, grabs us by the arm, in tears, and asks us to pray for her. We gave her a hug, told her how she's a wonderful daughter of God. It was such a tender moment! We gave her a card and were so grateful we could plant all those seeds on one bus! :)

Next miracle. We text people we meet on the bus and they actually respond! WHAT?! I know. It's crazy. Well these 2 cute chinese girls really wanted to meet with us and luckily we were impressed to bring the Chinese member who was able to translate with us back and forth. It was so.... COOL! The Lord knows how much I love Asian people so He allowed me to teach them on my mission! :) Haha. It was pretty hilarious because we had no idea what they were saying but they smiled, laughed, seemed to enjoy the Book of MOrmona nd wanted to come to church. Then it started pouring rain, like rainforest rain, so we booked it out of there. Haha we took that as our cue to be done teaching. :) 

Then we met with this Italian guy, John Luca who is looking for friends. He isn't super interested but he is a scientist and we were able to relate everything, meaning his faith, to cells via Alma 32 (if the cells grow it means he's doing something right!). It was fun. :) He said he'd be interested in "trying out the experiment." I was able to relate the story of how I came out on a mission and it worked out great! 

Lastly we visited Shante, a lady who wouldn't really talk to us after we handed her the Book of Mormon, haha. It was cool becasue we knocked on her door as she was praying for guidance. We taught her a bit and she has some great questions! We are excited. After I said the closing prayer she said "Did you girls feel that?! I just felt the Holy Spirit all over. Do you know what that is?" Haha. 

I need to go but I love you all and hope you have a great week! I'll tell about Dante next week. :) 


Sister Woods 

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