Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 52--Another Week in Marvelous Marquette

Hello, Everyone!!!

This will be a short email, I think!!! Not too much to report on. Just our AWESOME investigators!!! Well, it's actually spring break this week and last weekend so lots of our amazing investigators are going out of town! Except for Mary, who has a later Spring Break because she's a history teacher and has a different schedule. She went to church AGAIN this week and thinks the Book of Mormon is true. Why? Because she's AWESOME! And she reads and prays about it! :) Anyways! There is lots of success happening here in Marquette! 

I got an awesome hat this week #thanksmom. I asked Sister Dunlap if it looks funny and she said "No." But, no joke, as soon as I walked outside people drove by, pointed and laughed at me! Bahaha! xD It's purple and awesome (see picture. JK I tried to send one but this silly computer won't let me!) and I'm told it looks like a Barney hat. :D Sister Dunlap has an awesome hat too, that she thinks makes her look like an Eskimo!! There are some interesting hats people wear around here. :) 

So, one of the service activities we do here is volunteer at the Children's Museum. We get to play with iguanas, a creepy snake thing (a skink), and turtles. I also got to clean a fishtank last week at the Beacon House (ick). We cleaned stairs this week. I've never done either of those things before!

Oh man, I'm boring myself! :P This was just one of those weeks where we work our hearts out and tract. I'm learning lots and am getting more and more used to being in charge and learning the area. So this one time, we were trudging through a ton of snow, (we were far away from the truck) trying to find this former investigator lady and we were about to give up and go somewhere else because we had been tracting all day. Well, the Spirit prompted me to keep going and what do you know, all of a sudden we began to find much success in a new area, one missionaries haven't tracted before. We were able to teach lots of people and it was sweet! Oh man, the miracles are happening and will happen, but it takes some diligence on our part and it often involves waiting up till the last second! Heavenly Father is pretty smart in doing this. Otherwise, how would our faith grow?

I celebrated my year mark by getting a cello!!! And Culver's. Haha, well actually I got the cello last Monday and took it in to get adjusted so I could actually play it on my year mark. :) The piano lady/ music director in the ward now knows about it so I've got a gig coming up!! I'm also giving a talk next week! It will be dedicated to a certain Wendy J. Woods because it will be her birthday that day!!! Happy Birthday to a fabulous, sassy and most wonderful parent!!! ;DD Love you tons and tons, Mom!!! 

Should be a great week this week. I've got zone conference, a blitz exchange in Marquette, and a talk coming up! 

I know that living the Gospel can resolve almost, if not just about every single challenge or concern in life and provides that ultimate solace, drive, and confidence we need to achieve our full potential. I love this work! The Gospel is great and it changes lives!! 


Sister Lacey Woods 

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